Golden Xbox One Costs almost $10 000

Golden Xbox One Costs almost $10 000


Do you still have money in your “game budget” after the savings for the Steam console?

Then British luxury department, Harrods, has an offer that might be something you like .

For 6000 pounds – almost 10 000 dollars- they offer a gold-plated Xbox One, according to SlashGear .

The white version is expensive


The Golden version of Xbox One is not the only one that is expensive, there is an exclusive version of the console. Among the employees at Microsoft’s game division were handed out white One Xbox consoles – including matching controllers and other accessories – to celebrate the launch last month.

According to Microsoft, the white consoles will never be released for open sale, but one of them ended up according to Gamespot on Ebay to raise money for charity.

The result of the auction – nearly $ 10 000.

Written by: Hassan

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